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Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong

14 Secrets of Mentally Strong People

What are the Secrets of Mentally Strong People?

What is the Secret of Mentally Strong People? To answer this question I want to share one of my friend’s story, whose life seems perfect. She lives in a gorgeous house and she has a really rewarding career also. Her family and she always go on all exciting adventures together on the weekends because no matter where they go or what they do, the whole family just looks beautiful.

She is always posting on social media about how blessed she is, and how grateful she is for the life that she has. I get the feeling that she is not just saying those things for the sake of Facebook or Twitter, but she truly means it. We all do this, many times and it’s not hard to do. But that way of thinking costs us something.

How Positive or Negative Thinking Matters in the Life of Mentally Strong People?

What are bad habits that could cost us for the Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong? Many researchers have found that envying your friends on Facebook or any social media actually leads to depression. That’s just one of the traps that our minds can set for us. Have you ever complained about your boss or looked at your friends’ lives and thought, that “Why do they have all the luck?” You can not help thinking that way. That way of thinking seems small at the moment.

Some Destructive Beliefs of Our Mind:

In fact, it might even make you feel better in the moment. There are mainly three kinds of destructive beliefs that make us less effective, and rob us of our mental strength.

#1 Unhealthy Beliefs About Us:

The first belief is unhealthy beliefs about us. We tend to feel sorry for ourselves. We feel to be sad when something bad happens. It’s when you start to magnify your misfortune. When you think things like, “Why do these problems always have to happen to me?” That way of thinking keeps you stuck. This kind of thinking keeps you focused on the problem and keeps you from finding a solution. And even when you can’t create a solution, you can always take steps to make your life or somebody else’s life better. But you can not do that when you are busy in hosting your own pity party.

#2 Unhealthy Beliefs About Others:

The second type of destructive belief that holds us back is unhealthy beliefs about others. We always think that other people can control us, and we give away our power. But as adults who live in a free country, there are very few things in life that you have to do.

So when you say, “I have to work late”, you already give away your power. Maybe there will be consequences if you don’t work late, but it’s still a choice.

#3 Unhealthy Beliefs About the World:

The third type of unhealthy belief that holds us back is unhealthy beliefs about the world. We tend to think that the world owes us something. “If I put in enough hard work, then I deserve success” it’s our thinking but expecting success to fall into your lap like some sort of cosmic reward, will only lead to disappointment.

But I know it is hard to give up our bad mental habits. It’s hard to get rid of those unhealthy beliefs that we have carried around with us for so long. But you can’t afford to give them up because sooner or later, you are going to hit a time in your life where you need all the mental strength that you can muster.

How do Mentally Strong People Train the Brain to Think Differently?

When you are really going through tough times, good habits are not enough. It takes only one or two small habits to really hold you back. Make a list of all the things mentally strong people don’t do. If you wanted to be physically strong, you could need to go to the gym and lift weights. But if you wanted to see the positive results, you could have to give up eating junk food also.

Mental strength is also as same as physical strength. If you want to be mentally strong, you need good habits like practicing gratitude always. But you have to give up bad habits also, like resenting somebody else’s success. It does not matter how often that happens, it will hold you back.

So, how do you train your brain to think differently for becoming mentally strong? How do you give up those bad mental habits that you have carried around with you? It starts by countering those unhealthy beliefs that, healthier ones. For example, unhealthy beliefs about ourselves mostly come about because we are uncomfortable with our feelings like sad, hurt, angry, or scared. So we go to great lengths to avoid that discomfort.

How do Mentally Strong People Come Out from Uncomfortable Emotions?

The only way to get through these uncomfortable emotions is you have to go through them. Unhealthy beliefs about others come about in our minds because we compare ourselves to other people. We think that they are either above or below us. Sometimes we think that they can control how we feel or that we can control how they behave or we blame them for holding us back. But it’s our own choice to do that. You have to accept that you are your own person, and other people are separate from you. You should compare yourself to is the person that the only person you were yesterday.

Mostly unhealthy beliefs about the world come about because deep down, we want the world to be fair. We just want to think that if we put in enough good deeds, good things will happen to us automatically. Through enough bad times, if we tough it out, we’ll get some sort of reward. But ultimately you have to accept that life is not fair.

It means you will not necessarily be rewarded for your goodness in this world, but it also means no matter how much you have suffered, you are not doomed to keep suffering. The world doesn’t work that way. Your world is always, what you make it.

But of course, before you can change your world, you have to believe that you can change it. Finally, with this belief that you could change this world, you have the mental strength to change it and for that, you could give up your bad mental habits. It all started with just one small step and what is one small step that you could take today.

14 Characteristics of Mentally Strong People:

We can become mentally strong when we go on the journey within it. We have seen many great people who are mentally strong and have achieved great things in their life. We get amazed many times by how a person is able to gather his willpower to accomplish unimaginable things. A lot of people might be physically strong but they are mentally weak. We have some questions like what is the character of a mentally strong person and what are their traits? Some of the characteristics of mentally strong people are as follows:

#1 They always agree with their mistakes:

Mentally strong people always agree with their mistakes. They don’t get offended or irritated when someone points out their mistakes. They know that to change their mistakes they must first accept the reason.

#2 They focus more on self growth:

They focus more on self-growth and bettering themselves instead of thinking to criticize. They think that the harsh truth is always better than many beautiful lies. 

#3 They have a crystal clear vision in life:

Mentally strong people have a crystal clear vision in life. They realize that instant gratification is just a waste of time and always invest their time to achieve greater things. Even though sometimes the results take time because they know their sacrifices are going to be worth it. 

#4 They have a realistic perception:

The mentally strong people have a realistic perception. They are neither pessimistic nor optimistic but always realistic. They never get carried away by imaginary pleasures but choose a real and practical way to deal with things. 

They have a practical mind and know how the world really works. It is one of the main characteristics of mentally strong people 

#5 They have strong relationships with people:

Mentally strong people have strong relationships with people, who don’t care about what others think about them. They have the most real characters and these kinds of people are the ones that gain others’ trust which results in building a strong bond between them. These types of people do all the things with a singletrack mind. This would inspire others to take them as an example. 

#6 They cautious about what is going on around them:

Carefree mentally strong people are cautious about what is going on around them and watch their own back in difficult times. They are careful with their actions and behavior but don’t care about everything that crosses their way.

#7 They don’t react when they are angry:

Mentally strong people don’t react when they are angry. They control their temper and focus on how they can make the other person understand. They try to see from different points of view to make sure that they are right but when they know they are right and the other person does not agree with them they don’t waste the time to prove it. 

#8 They are stronger than their egos:

They are always stronger than their egos. Mentally strong people never let their relationships get ruined because of their egos. They do not let their emotions mess with their intelligence hence they would not overreact if someone treats them badly. They always take it as a lesson.

#9 They do not focus on things they can’t control:

Mentally strong people do not focus on things they can’t control. They agree with the truth even though it’s hard to take it. They use their energy on thinking about how they can stay unaffected by something.

#10 They rejoice in others’ success and never feel jealous:

They rejoice in others’ success and never feel jealous when someone succeeds, instead they feel happy for them that they have succeeded or taken it as a challenge. They always get motivated to do better than them. Mentally strong people never search for reasons why the other person was able to win. They may even ask the winner for the tricks on how they made it.

#11 They won’t let change in the situations:

They won’t let in the situations change, even though life would show them the ugly side, their attitude and character would remain. They know life is not fair yet they choose to be fair instead of letting negativity. They fill up their mind and get back up even after life knocks them down several times. This is the major quality of a mentally strong person.

#12 They would learn to start channeling their energy on thinking of new plans instead of worrying:

Mentally strong people would learn that worrying and creating a plan both take energy and start channeling their energy on thinking of new plans instead of worrying.

#13 They do not adopt a short sprint mentality:

Mentally strong people do not adopt a short sprint mentality when it comes to success. They realize that it’s about the marathon it’s about the process instead of the destination. 

#14 They live their lives in the best ways:

The secret of mentally strong people is that they live their lives in the best ways. They stop focusing on what they can’t control. They do not get jealous of other people’s success because they know they can also do it themselves in their own personal way.

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