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Mobile Technology: Applications and Advantages

What is a Mobile Technology?

The invention of telephone lines in the second half of the nineteenth-century has become a very important part of everyday lives.

Talking to other people over the telephone was a well-established way to keep in touch with our friends and family members.

The invention of mobile technology also engaged in social activities and organizations or conduct business.

At the opening of the twenty-first century the fixed telephone had taken the place of mobile phones also known as cell phones.

While the number of distribution of cell phones reveal much variation and concentration. Nowadays cell phones have become much more than a device for voice calls.

It has become a central cultural technology for communication in its own right. Telecommunication has undergone a radical shift from being about voice communication to flexible and customisable mobiles.

Mobile technology includes all computing devices to allow internet connection and communication anytime and anywhere to the users.

Mobile technology includes the ability to untethered to a workplace or home location and flexibility to access the information immediately.

 It is evident that the popularity of mobile phones is due to its worldwide connectivity, coverage, ease of use, immediacy, diverse capabilities, and cost effectiveness.

It is much easier, faster and cheaper, for the users to keep up-to-date through mobile phones than via computer, internet and personal contact.

The use of mobile technology is very effective for many things like downloading, sharing copies of books, images, rare cases for discussions all can be carried out effectively via mobile technology.

Some Important Advantages of Mobile Technology:

The cell phones, wireless networks, and mobile technologies play an indispensable role in the everyday lives of consumers. Many activities revolve around the cell phones like:

#1 Staying in constant contact with people

Mobile technology has changed the way to work and communicate often for the better. To build relationships with many people is possible through two-way communication.

It’s very essential to stay connected with people for many reasons. If you will disconnect with them, you can lose many things and relations also whether it is related to your personal life or related to your business.

It’s very difficult to win them back in your life. So always staying connected with people and mobile technology is a better solution for that.

#2 Text messaging          

Text messaging is a useful innovation of mobile technology. The electronic messages typically consist of alphabets and numeric characters.

It works between two or more users by mobile devices, laptops or other types of compatible devices.

Text messages basically referred to Short message service (SMS). It also includes multimedia messaging services.  (MMS) that includes digital images, videos and sound content.

Text messages are generally used for personal, family, or business and many other professions.

Now the use of smartphones enhance the texting experience with a physical or screen-based virtual keyboard making the text more efficient.

#3 Fashion industries 

In the last few years mobile technology has played a key factor in fashion industries. Today mobile phones are helpful to build a connection with their customers through which they can provide a better experience.

This platform is not helpful for fashion industries and e-commerce only but helps in many other businesses also. 

#4 Identity construction

As a wireless technology tool, mobile phones are found to be strengthening our network society through its potential of internet access from anywhere and anytime.⁰ 

Mainly the link between mobile phones and identity is influenced by culture and gender. Identity construction is a concept related to social constructionism that informs much of the work on gender identity.

#5 Impact on Music

With a smartphone you can download any song in a few seconds. Now we have a question: How else have smartphones affected the music industry?

In the present situation many music apps such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music offer specially curated playlists to help you find your new favourite bands.

Some of these lists are created by algorithms, and some by real people. Music in mobile phones is not a new concept.

Almost all mobile companies have added the advantage of music players also.

In past decades mobile phones were basically a means of communication but in the present digital era, they are becoming more multitasking devices than only communicating devices.

Due to advanced features embedded in mobile phones, these mini gadgets are becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives.

The majority of the newly introduced phones have advanced musical capabilities that support various music formats like Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), or MP3.

Some phones are coming with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies also. The greatest advantage of mobile phones with music is that both music players and mobile phones are in a single device, users no longer required to carry two gadgets at a time.

#6 Mundane daily work routines

Our every day, daily or routine life comprises the ways in which people typically act, think, and feel on a daily basis. Everyday life may be described as a mundane, natural, habitual, or normal routine.

The broad similarities and lifestyles vary differently among many people and they spend their days differently.

There are many differences in the lives of the children and adults, rich and poor, or between workers and business people.

With the development of mobile technology, it is very easy to manage our daily routines. Now many applications are available that specializes in managing our daily routines.

You can easily create a routine task, and remove a routine task also. By creating the daily routines, you can form many good habits that will change your life. You can set any of your daily tasks that you can think of.

#7 Remote parenting

With the help of Remote Control feature parents can control their kids’ easily by using p that is able to remotely control your child is ‘Teknekk app’. 

This app can help to control your child’s phone wherever they happen to be any time of the day, or night. This remote-control feature allows you to register and monitor each phone individually.

The Remote-Control is a constant connection with your child’s phone. You can control your children without having to be there.

This is a great solution mainly for the working parents. With the help of this kind of apps you might not be able to physically stand over your child’s shoulder to check-up on what they are doing.

With the help of these types of parental remote-control apps, you can monitor each phone individually.

#8 Interacting with television programs

Mobile phones have become an important part of our daily lives. This is an innovative product in the 20th century. This gadget helps us from communication to entertainment.

It plays a very important role in its audiences. Some decades ago it was the only source of entertainment like news, music, sports, etc. But Mobile technology has changed the way of entertainment for the audiences. 

With the help of mobile technology businesses and marketers are also enabled to reach consumers at a very personal level. By the empowerment of this technology, they were virtually given the opportunity to showcase their products and services in the homes of television owners.

After that, we entered the age of social media and smartphones, which made our life easier than ever before.  We can now communicate via television very easily and definitely it made all our work and businesses very easy.

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