What is Big Data?

In the present world, we have a huge amount of data and approx 90% of this data is generated in the last two years.

When we talk about big data we have volume, velocity, and variety. Now if you focus on these three things just imagine the volume part.

And now what is volume? When we use Facebook or watch videos on YouTube or we upload 12 hours of YouTube footage, every minute just imagines if this is terabytes of data in a second. 

If you talk about the year 1990, 200 GB of data used to be created in one year. If we talk about the coming years, we generate gigabytes in a second.

We are generating a very huge amount of data and with this rapid speed, we should have huge volume, fast velocity, and variety to get a structured way of data.

We can access any data with the help of SQL, so the problem is now with the generated data which is not structured. 

Now in the current situation, we take thousands of photos for one trip and each photo will cost around 3 MB and if you upload that data at multiple places like Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media platform, you’re generating a lot of data for one account.

Now In this world, we have 3 billion people using the internet, and if everyone started the same thing we are generating some very huge amount of data approximately.

Now, the question is how to process that huge amount of data. Now we have such companies like IBM, Apple, and even if you talk about banks they generate huge amounts of data.

This data is not the best thing for them and these aren’t resources so they want to use this data but the question is how will they process this data because they want to make decisions depend upon this data.

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